Making Disciples

According to George Barna in his book Growing True Disciples, “Discipleship…is about being and reproducing spiritually mature zealots for Christ.”

● Seeking out and acting upon opportunities to engage in spiritual conversations and present the Gospel
●  Understand some of the cultural “barriers” involved in cross-cultural disciple-making
● Actively praying for Unreached people groups in Africa


We have been charged with the task to ‘go and make disciples’. Whatever your role or ministry in Africa (or at home), your purpose is ultimately to proclaim the Truth of Scripture and raise up disciples of Jesus through your relationships, conversations and lifestyle. That requires intentionality in initiating and engaging in spiritual conversations.
Please watch the following video: Toil in Disciple-Making. Here, Ajith Fernando shares about the toil and weariness of disciple-making as well as practical encouragements for how to remain fresh and minister in the strength that God gives us.


As you seek to make disciples in another context, there are some cultural aspects that you may encounter and should be aware of. These include such things as:
● Language (direct word for word translations may not mean the same to them)
● Who or what their word for ‘God’ really refers to
● Group decision making
● Importance of relationships
● Cultural & spiritual traditions and practices
● Learning style of the culture (stories, etc)
● Other things you will pick up on as you live in the culture and observe
1 Peter 3:15 says, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” In Africa you may be asked at any time to pray publicly, to share “a word” or message, or to lead a Bible study or Sunday School class (whether or not you have had time to ‘properly’ prepare). While the spontaneity of that can be stressful for some, it’s a great opportunity to make disciples in the setting the Lord has put you in.


Pray Africa
Even as you are preparing to go, you can participate in making disciples of the unreached in Africa by praying for them regularly. AIM’s Pray Africa website has information about some of the people groups in Africa that have yet to really hear the good news about Jesus Christ.

If you need some tips for how to ‘begin making disciples’ where you are, David Platt and Francis Chan have put out a simple resource. Go to the Materials tab on this site. The home page is also full of links to blogs, articles, and other resources related to discipleship.


1. Give examples of some recent spiritual conversations you have engaged in with unbelievers. How do you intentionally share your faith in your home culture?

2. How do you answer someone who asks you “How can I become a Christian”? How do you help them to enter into a lifelong pursuit of knowing and imitating Christ?

3. Are you currently discipling anyone? If so, what form does that take? What are you doing to remain fresh and not burn out as you walk alongside them?

4. Do you know how to prepare a Bible study? How would you go about it? What would you consider to be ‘essentials’ of discipleship—the key things to teach someone who is first learning to walk with Jesus?

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