Leadership and reviews

Member care is important in AIM and leadership wants to be sure you’re doing well in your ministry, community and with your colleagues. As part of that, at the beginning of each term of service, leadership will talk with you about your goals and expectations for the coming years. They will then meet with you annually to review your progress and challenges. They will also meet with you before you go on home assignment. To help you prepare for these meetings, they will ask you to fill out a questionnaire on the different aspects of your life and work. Also, you initiate your home assignment by making a leave request to your unit/team leader. There’s a form for that on SharePoint, along with questionnaire forms for the various interviews. The┬ácan all be found on AIM’s SharePoint site. You access it from this page, logging in with your AIM email address and password. Then navigate to Documents > Personnel > Review and Leave Request Forms.