Required Reading

Cross-Cultural Connections by Duane Elmer

As the book’s description relates, it is hoped that through the reading you will gain the knowledge and tools to help you, both within the missions community and the culture you are going to serve, to do the following:

● Navigate through different cultures
● Avoid pitfalls and cultural faux pas
● Make the most of opportunities to build cross-cultural relationships
● Communicate effectively
● Establish genuine trust and acceptance
● Be authentic ambassadors for Christ

The Call to Joy and Pain by Ajith Fernando

The crises of this world, whether they are in your heart, mind and body, at your home, in your neighbourhood, church or work, on your internet or TV, threaten to overwhelm us.  But no matter what we face, Jesus still calls us to these 3 simple tasks: obedience, prayer, and abiding.

Joy and pain are both aspects of the call of God for the Christian. The Bible even presents pain as a trigger for joy. It is hoped that through reading The Call to Joy and Pain you will see the connection between rejoicing and suffering, how suffering draws us nearer to God, and how suffering makes us more effective in service.

Note: Your Receiving Region may have additional reading required before leaving for the field. Your Mobilising Office will either have that information or be able to put you in contact with your Receiving Region.


Raising Up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids by Lauren Wells (see Equip for Families)

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